August 21, 2021 In Criminal Law

What Happens in Felony Cases

Felonies are more serious than misdemeanor crimes and often involve allegations of violence. Felony crimes, including murder, rape, burglary, and robbery are all punishable by time in prison or jail, in addition to fines. If you’re accused of a felony crime or someone has died as the result of your actions it’s imperative that you speak with a skilled Los Angles Criminal Defense Attorney right away.

Felony Crime Case Overview

If you are charged with a felony crime such as murder, assault, and battery, or another less serious form of violence that doesn’t require prison time, you can seek Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer to fight your charges. Defending yourself against a felony is much more complex than fighting misdemeanor charges.

In California, it’s possible to be prosecuted for a felony even without any physical harm done to the victim. For example, it is possible for someone to be punished for perjury in California even if they were never under oath when they said the lies that led to the alleged wrongdoing.

What to do if you are facing Felony Charges in California?

The situation of being charged with a felony can be very critical for anyone who has never been involved in illegal activities. The swift action of police and authorities can lead you to make mistakes so I highly advise you to get in touch with a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney who has the right expertise to deal with such felony cases.

At The Mines Law Firm, I highly recommend that individuals not communicate with the police or legal authorities without consulting with a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer. I realize that you are scared but calling The Mines Law Firm will take only a few seconds and this little action can protect you from jail time or any other severe punishment. Here are some possible actions that you may have to follow if you are charged with a felony case in California:

  • Get an attorney. The Mines Law Firm can provide the best Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Fill out forms that are available online or at your local county courthouse
  • Fingerprints: Make them available two weeks before the case will be assigned to a judge
  • Prepare for the trial
  • Attend pre-trial meetings with your Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Be prepared to go on record about the reasons for your arrest
  • Get an arrest waiver to get out of jail quickly and I can help you to make it happen

The Mines Law Firm for Criminal Defense in California

This is not all but I just wanted to make sure that you understand the complexity of felony cases in California. Only a skilled and determined Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer can fight back for your freedom.

There are legal complications, documentation, trials, and lots of other steps that go with felony cases. At The Mines Law Firm, I  can take care of things that matter the most to keep you safe and out of jail.


Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For specific legal guidance on your case, please contact The Mines Law Firm for representation.