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Attorney Jasmine Mines is a distinguished solo practitioner based in Los Angeles, California. As the founder of The Mines Law Firm, she predominantly handles personal injury and child custody disputes. Beyond this, Attorney Mines has adeptly managed cases in areas such as criminal defense, civil law, and contract law. As she is licensed exclusively in California, The Mines Law Firm caters to clients within the state.

When your rights are at stake, The Mines Law Firm is your trusted advocate. Allow the Firm to simplify the legal process for you. Reach out for a free consultation. When you are ready to hire an attorney, call 888-700-0093, ready with your full name and the nature of your legal concern. Text 888-700-0093 if you prefer, but be sure to text your full name and the topic of your legal matter.

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The Mines Law Firm delivers the guidance, insights, and backing essential to ensure your legal journey is expertly managed.


A proud double graduate from USC, with a profound commitment to assisting the underprivileged in personal injury cases. Driven, insightful, meticulous, empathetic, and effective.


When confronting a legal challenge, it's vital to select a law firm that places your interests at the forefront. This is the commitment you'll find at The Mines Law Firm.


Assertive, Empathetic, and Proficient Legal Advocacy. Looking forward to being retained by you.

Experienced Personal Injury & Child Custody Attorney in Los Angeles, CA


Family Law

If you wish to adjust or establish child custody or parenting time, having Attorney Jasmine as an unbiased advocate in your corner would be a great decision.

Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need a Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your rights and provide a vigorous defense on your behalf.

Personal Injury

If you've been injured due to no fault of your own, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Attorney at Law

Jasmine A. Mines

Los Angeles Personal Injury & Child Custody Lawyer

Attorney Jasmine Mines welcomes you.

As a trusted Personal Injury Attorney and Family Law Lawyer based in Los Angeles, California, I also handle criminal defense cases when the need arises. I firmly believe that justice should be accessible to all, and I’m deeply committed to representing my clients with utmost diligence, ensuring every avenue is explored for their success in California’s legal system.

Facing personal injury isn’t just physical; it comes with emotional and financial challenges. I’m here to champion the rights of the injured, ensuring they receive appropriate medical care and the compensation they rightly deserve, aiding their journey back to normalcy.

In the realm of criminal defense, my conviction stands strong that every individual should have the chance to redefine their path. I strive to assist my clients in navigating California’s legal landscape, aiming to minimize penalties and maximize opportunities for a fresh start.

Why Choose us?

Choosing Attorney Jasmine Mines as your legal representative provides unparalleled advantages:

She practices with integrity, selecting cases and causes she truly believes in, and simply declining those she does not. She is honest with her clients. Harnessing her background, heritage, and vast skill set, Attorney Jasmine gives a powerful voice to the ever-evolving Los Angeles community. The Mines Law Firm embodies tenacity and unwavering commitment to its clients, particularly when confronting significant challenges or adversities.

Attorney Jasmine’s deep expertise spans various legal realms, from personal injury to criminal defense. Her dedication ensures clients from Los Angeles and surrounding areas receive undivided attention. Besides her competitive pricing and multiple payment methods, her genuine empathy ensures clients always feel heard and understood. Recognized for her proactive approach, Attorney Jasmine remains assertive in championing her clients’ rights. Offering a wide range of services, she provides a comprehensive legal solution to diverse needs. Her proven track record in securing optimal outcomes and navigating complex cases emphasizes her capabilities and efficacy.

In the intricate maze of the legal system, Attorney Jasmine Mines emerges as a beacon of steadfast support, blending expertise, compassion, and assertiveness to be the advocate every client needs.

What to Expect

Empathetic representation. Transparent, fair pricing is rare. The Firm’s competitive rates are no cost upfront for personal injury, and $5,500 and up for other areas of law. Payment may be made in a variety of ways convenient to you, including but not limited to credit or debit cards. Before venturing to court alone, reach out to Attorney Jasmine for expert guidance. Attorney Jasmine is based in Los Angeles, CA, offering these key services directly or via referral partnerships:

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Criminal Defense

Family Law

Restraining Orders

Wrongful Termination


Workers Compensation



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