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Double USC graduate with a demonstrated interest in helping the "have-nots." Assertive, intelligent, thorough, compassionate, and efficient.

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When faced with an injury, or undergoing any legal issue, it is crucial to choose a law firm that makes your best interest its number one priority. That is what is done at The Mines Law Firm.

Jasmine A. Mines | Los Angeles Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorney

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Wrongful Death

The death of a person through an accident caused by negligence or misconduct of another person, an establishment, or other similar entities.

Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need a Criminal Defense Attorney to ensure your rights are protected, and to provide a vigorous defense on your behalf.

Personal Injury

If you've been injured due to no fault of your own, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

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    Jasmine A. Mines | Los Angeles Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorney

    Jasmine A. Mines

    Los Angeles Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Hello, I’m Jasmine A. Mines. Thank you for stopping by.

    I am a personal injury and criminal defense attorney based in Los Angeles, California. 

    My practice is based on my belief that access to justice is a fundamental right. I am passionately dedicated to serving my clients and to ensuring that all measures are taken to achieve success within the judicial system. 

    Personal injury can cause physical, emotional and financial suffering. I advocate for injured victims to get the medical treatment and financial compensation they deserve so they can return to living their lives as soon as possible. 

    When it comes to criminal defense, I believe each person deserves an opportunity to move forward and the chance to live life as the best version of his or herself. I am committed to helping my clients avoid fines and jail time to the extent those options are possible for them.

    Why Choose us?

    Jasmine A. Mines is an experienced personal injury & criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA. She has practiced law with integrity, taking on cases and causes she deems worthy, and most importantly, utilizing her background, heritage, and skills to give a voice to the growing community in Los Angeles, CA. The Mines Law Firm was founded with the promise of honesty, drive, and commitment to its clients, especially when facing the most challenging tasks or adversities.

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    We offer competitive pricing to defend these matters, and accept payment by credit or debit card. Before going to court on your own, call us and speak with our team about how we can help. Attorney Jasmine A. Mines is currently serving Los Angeles, CA clients with a higher priority, she is currently offering the following services!

    The Mines Law Firm fights to obtain clients maximum compensation in personal injury matters. Jasmine A. Mines takes on the toughest cases from Los Angeles County.


    While definitions of “catastrophic” vary, a catastrophic injury is a life-changing injury, affecting both the people that suffer them and their family members and loved ones.

    Some of the most common types of catastrophic injuries include:

    Traumatic brain injuries:

    A brain injury can cause long-lasting damage and affect every function of the body. Symptoms of brain injuries may not appear right away. If a brain injury is suspected, it is critically important to seek medical attention immediately.

    Facial fractures and skull fractures:

    Facial trauma can cause disfigurement, facial nerve damage, and even blindness or limited mobility of the jaw. In severe cases, trauma can inhibit breathing or cause severe bleeding. Spinal cord injuries: A severe injury to the spinal cord may cause permanent disability and loss of sensation below the injury site.

    Neck injuries:

    Injuries to the ligaments, muscles, and tendons in the neck may cause reduced movement, painful muscle spasms, and loss of range of motion. Disfigurement injuries: Scarring and disfigurement can cause severe physical pain, as well as diminished quality of life.

    Multiple broken bones:

    Bone fractures can be mild or severe, depending on the force of the break, the age of the victim, and the overall health of the victim. Compound and complete fractures may require surgical repair and open reduction/internal fixation with rods, screws, and plates.

    Loss of limb injuries:

    Loss of a hand, arm, or leg in a car accident creates a lifelong disability. The National Limb Loss Information Center estimates there are 1.7 million people living with limb amputations.

    Loss of eyesight or loss of hearing:

    Not being able to hear or see is a life-changing adjustment that may make work and some activities impossible. Fatal injuries are also classified as catastrophic injuries. For people that do survive, catastrophic injuries will have far-reaching effects for years to come. They may shorten life expectancies and diminish quality of life.

    For some, a catastrophic injury may cause chronic pain. For others, a catastrophic injury may cause permanent disability that prevents the victim from working, going to school, or performing the simplest daily tasks.

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