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“No Situation can be more nerve-wracking and distressed than being charged with a criminal offense. The Mines Law Firm legal team preserves individual rights charged with criminal cases.”

Being charged in a criminal case is the most distressing thing for individuals. The Mines Law firm legal team assists the individuals charged with criminal cases involving misdemeanors or felonies and more. Our legal team of professional advocates believes until the person accused of an offense is proved guilty, he must be considered innocent. So, our legal professionals protect the accused person’s rights, till jurisdiction gives its final judgment. The Mines Law Firm represents its clients in the court with offenses ranging from traffic citations to murder cases.

Moreover, we serve our clients and organizations accused of criminal misconduct. Every case is researched for defending the imposed charges, and arguments are prepared on behalf of the clients. Considering this, the advocates keep the rights of the accused intact and provide the provision of bail to secure the accused individual’s presence during the trial period in the court. For more information and queries, visit our Los Angeles criminal attorney, US.

Our Area of Expertise in Handling Criminal Defense Cases

  • Assault

  • DUI

  • Drug crimes

  • Federal crimes

  • Felony charges

  • Juvenile charges

  • Murder

Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Probation violation

  • Property crimes

  • Theft crimes

  • Three Strikes Law

  • Violent crimes

  • Weapon offenses

  • White collar crimes

Why Choose The Mines Law Firm for Managing Criminal Defense Cases?

The Mines Law firm is the best Los Angeles criminal defense attorney in which choice of counsel makes a huge difference. Early investigation can negotiate with the prosecuting authorities. So, we are the criminal lawyers in Los Angeles, the US assisting the clients to expedite bail release in the most complex criminal cases. Also, we offer a comprehensive and affordable representation in the court. In doing so, our legal team studies each case differently because every case is different. Also, it requires hours of preparation to defend the case in court. Our legal team prepares strategies that can be applied to defense the criminal case by understanding the future aspects well. 

We as a legal firm, approach every criminal course with great professionalism. We review our client’s case details to explain the aspects that can benefit them. We understand and recognize the fear that invokes in the mind of the family whose family member or loved one is charged with criminal charges, The Mines Law Firm offers consultations to the clients by providing them the best possible outcomes with a thorough assessment. For any kind of queries and information, please feel free to contact our legal team. We proffer affordable payment options for our clients. 

Please feel free to Contact “The Mines Law Firm” today for more information and queries regarding criminal charges consultation and Negotiations. Our legal team is here to assist you in providing justice to you and your loved ones. Discuss your legal rights with us. Call The Mines Law Firm today and get a free consultation when you need them the most. We also offer you results that are often difficult to prove in court. Consult the best criminal attorney in Los Angeles, the US, to get claims and negotiations with reliable solutions.

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