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Criminal Defense

If you want to learn more about criminal defense in Los Angeles and how to secure the best possible result in your case, you should speak with a Professional Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer. You want to talk with someone who has worked in a courtroom and has tried cases.

If you got charged with a crime, you need the help of a criminal defense attorney to preserve your rights and present a strong defense on your behalf.

If you need a qualified Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, you are in the right place. I am an attorney who understands the local criminal justice system and how it operates. Without even realizing it, you have already taken the first step.

Whether your case involves misdemeanors or crimes, The Mines Law Firm can help. When your future is on the line, you need a Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer who will fight for you forcefully. Have you been charged with a crime? Or are you under investigation for one? Call the Mines Law Firm now.

The Mines Law Firm represents clients in all misdemeanor and felony cases, including DUI, drug offenses, theft offenses, restraining orders, and severe and violent felonies, with hands-on, reliable, excellent, and competent representation. The Mines Law Firm is a top law firm dedicated to defending people and fight for their rights.

Jasmine A. Mines the Outstanding Criminal Defense Attorney for You

Jasmine A. Mines is an excellent Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney. She is aware of your concerns and will go to great lengths to protect you!

Protecting the accused, according to Jasmine, is a fair way to preserve the integrity of our criminal justice system and the meaning and worth of our constitution. As a result, Jasmine puts her heart and energy into every case and works hard for every one of her clients, no matter how heinous the allegations or how long and arduous the procedure may be. With this mentality in mind, Jasmine meticulously assesses each case and investigates and litigates every viable defense.

Theft Crime Definition 

Theft is a broad term that gets used to define different forms of stealing. It refers to burglary, robbery, and larceny. Theft is described as taking another person’s property or money without their consent and permanently depriving the owner of it.

The thief does not have to plan to keep the stolen property; simply destroying, selling, or abandoning it in a location where it will not be found is enough. Automobile theft, for instance, typically involves the sale of the stolen vehicle or its components. In some cases, simply stealing an automobile temporarily for a “joyride” and then abandoning it in such a way that the owner can retrieve also counts as a crime. As such, theft crime can get labeled as a misdemeanor or a felony.


Larceny is taking and carrying away another’s personal belongings with the intent to steal. For larceny to occur, some elements must meet the criteria:

  • The property must be removed from the possession of the owner without their consent;
  • The goods must not only be taken but also “carried away,” a highly formalistic requirement that can be satisfied by any movement of the entire object, however minor;
  • The thief must have a purpose to steal. It is characterized as a desire to deprive the owner of their property permanently. If there is a purpose to return the property, unauthorized borrowing of another’s property is not considered larceny. Nor is it considered larceny if it is done by someone who takes goods with the false idea that they are his property.


Robbery is the act of committing theft in a situation of violence, and it entails the use or threat of force to commit the crime or secure the escape. Muggings to bank robberies are all examples of robbery. Robbery typically carries a harsher punishment than larceny. Many criminologists believe that robbery numbers are better indications of general crime rates than larceny or burglary statistics because victims are more likely to report the robbery to the police. Thus, the police are more likely to keep the record in their official statistics.


Burglary is defined as breaking into another person’s home with the intent to commit a felony therein.

Felony as a “Grand” Theft Crime

A felony theft offense is also known as “grand theft.” This crime occurs when the items or money taken exceeds $400. Some possible punishments for a grand theft crime include prison, restitution to the complainant and the law enforcement agency, probation or parole, payment for supervision costs, significant court penalties, and counseling.

Identity Theft

When someone steals someone else’s identity for personal advantage, this is known as identity theft. The majority of the time, it is for monetary gain. It is a white-collar felony that can get prosecuted in either state or federal court.

Auto theft

Auto theft is when you steal someone else’s car without their permission. The other common names for this crime are “grand theft auto” or “joyriding.” If there happens to be a person inside the car while the car’s stolen, it is considered carjacking. Kidnapping charges can also get filed against the criminal.


Fraud is a crime that involves defrauding another individual for personal benefit. It could involve false documents, deception, and lies. This crime can also be labeled as identity theft if another person’s identity is stolen or used to commit a crime.

Why Jasmine A. Mines?

If you got charged with petty or grand theft, you should hire the services of a criminal lawyer to defend your rights and assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome. If you do not hire a qualified attorney, you will considerably enhance your chances of incurring the maximum penalty for the offense you are charged with if you are convicted.

  • For her theft crimes cases, Jasmine A. Mines provides exceptional legal counsel and service to her clients. She is here to assist you throughout your case. She wants to hear your side of the story to figure out what legal advice she has to give you at a fighting shot at release.
  • Jasmine A. Mines is a master negotiator and tenacious litigator with extensive knowledge in all levels of criminal prosecution. She fights your case as a negotiator and litigator. As a litigator, Jasmine researches the facts of your case meticulously and drafts all constitutional and statutory motions that are relevant to the issues in your case. Jasmine, as a negotiator, will leverage any factual or procedural flaws in the prosecution’s version of your case to help you reach a good plea deal.
  • Jasmine A. Mines provides high-quality representation at an affordable price. High-quality representation does not have to be expensive. Inexpensive and high-quality representation are not mutually exclusive in Jasmine’s criminal law practice, and both are necessary for effective representation. As a result, Jasmine provides excellent representation at reasonable rates.


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