October 11, 2023 In Consultancy, Legal Support

Understanding Case Selection: Why An Attorney Might Decline a Case

Attorneys must carefully evaluate a myriad of factors before accepting a case. Here are some reasons, with specific examples, to elucidate why a law firm might decide against representation:

1. Lack of Legal Merit

Example: A desire to sue a restaurant merely because the flavor of the food wasn’t to one’s liking isn’t a valid legal claim.

2. Conflict of Interest

Exam: The firm may have previously represented an entity that a prospective client now wishes to sue.

3. Jurisdictional Limitations

Example: A case is tied to an incident in a state where the attorney isn’t licensed to practice.

4. Expertise or Resource Limitations

Example: A client presents a convoluted patent dispute, but the firm’s core expertise lies in personal injury.

5. Financial Considerations

Example: A breach of contract case involves a dispute over $500, but anticipated legal costs might run into thousands.

6. Overwhelming Caseload

Example: The firm’s active involvement in multiple intricate litigations might prevent taking on additional clients.

7. Potential Adverse Outcomes

Example: A high-profile case might bring unwarranted attention and affect the firm’s standing.

8. Timeline Concerns

Example: A client approaches an injury from five years prior, but the legal window to file is typically two years.

9. Personal or Ethical Reasons

Example: A case may technically be sound but could conflict with an attorney’s personal values.

10. Incomplete or Unreliable Information

Example: Discrepancies in a client’s account of an incident might raise concerns.

11. Client’s Attitude or Sense of Entitlement

Attorneys value a productive, respectful relationship with clients. A demeanor that is combative, entitled, or dismissive might factor into the decision to decline representation.

12. Professional Discretion

Remember, attorneys have chosen their profession and are not obligated to accept every case. Like any professional, they have the prerogative to decide which cases align with their interests, capacity, and values.
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