December 28, 2023 In Post Conviction

The First Step Act: A Game Changer in Federal Sentencing

The First Step Act, signed into law in 2018, represents a major reform in the federal justice system. This landmark legislation aims to improve prison conditions and offers avenues for early release of federal inmates convicted in Federal District Courts.

Key Provisions of the First Step Act

  • Drug Crime Sentence Reduction: The Act makes the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 retroactive, significantly reducing sentences for drug-related offenses.
  • Good Conduct Credits: Inmates can now earn 54 days of good conduct credit per year, facilitating earlier release.
  • Compassionate Release for Sick Inmates: The Act expands the scope for early release of terminally ill inmates.
  • Relocation Closer to Family: Eligible inmates can be moved to facilities nearer to their families.
  • Enhanced Protections for Female Inmates: The Act restricts the use of restraints on pregnant women and ensures better access to feminine hygiene products.

California’s Response: New Laws for State Prisoners

While the First Step Act benefits federal inmates, California has introduced several laws aiding state prisoners:

  • AB 2942 for Sentence Reduction: This law enables re-sentencing of inmates based on recommendations from local district attorneys.
  • SB 1437 – Abolition of Felony Murder: This law revises the felony murder rule, potentially reducing sentences for those convicted under the old rule.
  • Youth Offender Parole Hearings and Re-Sentencing Laws: Various laws like SB 260/261 and AB 1308 provide parole hearing opportunities for young offenders.
  • Other Sentence-Reduction Mechanisms: California offers multiple other avenues for sentence reduction based on good behavior, rehabilitation, and specific case circumstances.

Navigating the Path to Freedom

Inmates and their families may find the legal landscape complex and challenging. Here’s how The Mines Law Firm can assist:

  • Case Review and Advocacy: We offer personalized case evaluations to determine eligibility under these new laws and advocate for reduced sentences or early release.
  • Documentation and Support: Gathering necessary documents, letters of recommendation, and demonstrating rehabilitation efforts are vital parts of the process.
  • Legal Representation: Our skilled legal team can effectively argue for the merits of early release, emphasizing the inmate’s readiness to rejoin society.

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