December 28, 2023 In Post Conviction

SB 1437: Reducing a Sentence in California – A Guide by The Mines Law Firm

What is SB 1437?

Senate Bill 1437 brings transformative changes to California’s felony murder rule, offering an opportunity for sentence reduction. This legislation, revising Penal Code Sections 188 and 189, significantly impacts how felony murder is prosecuted and how existing convictions under this statute can be reassessed.

Old vs. New Felony Murder Rule

  • Old Rule: Previously, anyone involved in a serious felony where a death occurred could be charged with felony murder, regardless of their direct involvement in the killing.
  • New Rule: SB 1437 narrows this scope. Now, a person is only guilty of felony murder if they are the actual killer, assisted or encouraged the killing, or were a major participant in the crime displaying reckless indifference to human life.

Who Qualifies for Resentencing Under SB 1437?

Eligibility extends to those convicted of first or second-degree murder or those who accepted plea deals under the old felony murder rule. However, if you could still be convicted under the current legal definition of murder, you may not qualify for resentencing.

Expansion with SB 775

  • SB 775 broadens eligibility, including those convicted of manslaughter or attempted murder under felony murder theories.

Filing an SB 1437 Petition

To seek resentencing, a petition must be filed with the original sentencing court, including case details and arguments for eligibility. This petition is served on the district attorney, and a court hearing may follow to reassess the sentence.

Common Challenges in SB 1437 Petitions

  • Eligibility Criteria: Clearly demonstrating eligibility for resentencing is crucial. Many petitions face summary denial due to insufficient evidence or failure to meet the criteria.
  • Establishing Role in Crime: The petitioner must prove they were not a major participant in the felony or acted with reckless indifference to human life.

Special Considerations

  • Applicability to ‘Principals’ and ‘Aiders and Abettors’: SB 1437’s implications for different roles in a crime need careful examination.
  • Provocative Act Murder: The application of SB 1437 to provocative act murder cases requires specific legal interpretation.

The Role of The Mines Law Firm At The Mines Law Firm, our expertise in post-conviction matters positions us to effectively handle SB 1437 petitions. Our team meticulously reviews case records, crafts strategic legal arguments, and advocates for our clients’ rights, guiding them through the complexities of the resentencing process.

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