November 10, 2023 In Family Rights

Navigating “Talking Parents”: The Court-Checked App for Parents


In today’s digital age, “Talking Parents” helps separated parents chat about their kids in a way that the court can check. Let’s dive into how to use this app the right way.

1. Why Use This App?

“Talking Parents” is all about letting parents talk about their kids. It’s like a written record of your chats, making sure you both stay on track.

2. DO: Chat Just About the Kids


“Hey Alex, Jenny’s school play is next Friday at 5 PM. Can you make it?”
This keeps the chat about Jenny and not other stuff.
3. DON’T: Bring Up Personal Stuff


“Why didn’t you answer my call yesterday?”
This isn’t about the kids. Best to keep it out.
4. DO: Be Clear and Short


“Jake has a dentist trip next Tuesday at 3 PM. Can you pick him up?”
This way, both of you know what’s up without any fuss.
5. DON’T: Play the Blame Game


Steer clear of stuff like, “You always miss soccer practices.”
That’s not helping. Keep it cool and friendly.

6. DO: Remember It’s Public

Everything you type here can be seen by the court or lawyers. So, always be kind and think before you type.
7. DO: Use It Regularly
Checking and using the app often keeps both parents in the loop. This way, no one misses out on any updates about the kids.
8. DON’T: Use It When Angry
If you’re upset, it’s a good idea to cool down before you type. That way, the chat stays friendly and about the kids.
Wrapping Up
“Talking Parents” is a great tool for parents to stay connected with their kids. Keep it friendly, and remember it’s all about the little ones.
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