August 21, 2021 In Other Personal Injury

Bus Accidents

There is a high reliance on public transportation in large urban areas. People often take buses to commute to school, work, and appointments, or use it for other various activities. Every day, thousands of people board city buses, school buses, commuter buses, and long-distance buses.

This requires the public to trust in the competence and safety measures taken by the bus drivers and companies that employ, train, and maintain them. It is possible that passengers or other motorists may be injured or even killed in bus accidents when drivers or representatives of bus companies act negligently. Buses that drive over the speed limit, tailgate, or engage in other reckless actions all have the potential to severely injure their passengers, innocent bystanders, or pedestrians walking. . Safe driving is essential to public safety at all times.

Bus passengers can suffer injuries if the bus collides suddenly, which can cause them to be either thrown to the ground, against rails, walls, and other objects. In the event of a bus crash, passengers are highly likely to sustain injuries without seat belts. In a bus accident, other parties may also be injured, including the drivers and passengers of other vehicles involved, as well as bicyclists, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you are seriously injured in a bus accident, it’s possible that you won’t be able to take care of legal details. An experienced attorney can investigate the facts and circumstances of the bus accident in order to determine all the factors that contributed to the accident taking place. I, Jasmine Mines, at the Mines Law Firm in Los Angeles, spends a significant amount of time investigating these factors, including consulting accident reconstruction experts and others who can contribute insight on who was at fault for the accident. When negligence is present, whether it is the fault of the driver, the bus company, bus manufacturer, or governmental agency, legal responsibility and liability may follow.

Furthermore, my firm can assist you with your claim by thoroughly documenting all of your medical expenses, future medical care cost, lost earnings, and other impacts on your life and future. The repercussions of an accident and dealing with insurance claims against large companies and corporations are areas with which I have substantial experience. Whether it is through negotiated settlements or courtroom litigation, I do not back down when it comes to claiming fair compensation for my clients.

You can count on my firm to fully document and manage your case if you have been injured in a bus accident in Southern California, as well as   counties   in Los Angeles. I will aggressively pursue damages that will reflect the full extent of your injuries.



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