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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are common on public roads that can occur due to various factors, some of which may even be related to the driver. From changing lanes in an unsafe manner to driving too close to vehicles  or turning without looking around, any minor negligence can cause an accident.

For the injured rider, the recovery process can be difficult without financial compensation. As these injuries can sometimes be very expensive and may even lead to limited mobility and chronic pain. In seeking compensation, you would need to investigate the cause of the accident. A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney can conduct this investigation for you so hiring an attorney is the first thing you must do. However, why do you need to know about the cause? For holding the other party responsible, you would first have to find out the cause.

In many cases, the driver would not even be at fault. Therefore, it is crucial to know about the cause before filing a claim. Here are a few causes of bicycle accidents to help you identify the person at fault:

1.    Unfocused Driving

One of the major causes of bicycle accidents is the distracted driving of the driver. When the driver isn’t driving attentively and paying attention to other things like a cellphone or the surroundings, they can cause serious accidents. Using a cellphone for calls, messages, and social media is among the major distractions these days that have caused many accidents and claimed many lives.

2.    Speeding

Speeding has always been a cause for accidents. High-speed accidents are very severe and cause severe injuries to bicycle riders.

3.    Traffic Weavers

The drivers who are in a hurry and try to weave their way through traffic  are mostly unable to see cyclists who are driving on the same road. Consequently, they cause bicycle accidents and may inflict serious injuries to cyclists.

4.    Risky Lane Changes

A single risky lane change can be a reason enough to cause an accident and hurt a cyclist in the process. These accidents usually happen when   drivers merge into the lane of cyclists without ensuring whether the lane is clear or not.

5.    Making turns without looking

Turning without looking around for pedestrians and cyclists even when the signal is green is negligence on the part of the driver. This is a very common reason behind bicycle accidents, particularly at intersections.

6.    Ignoring the stop signal

Another reason for accidents is the negligence of drivers regarding the stop signal. This is particularly true for the suburban and urban locations as well as city centers. While running a stop signal is a crime itself that is very risky, the dangers are magnified when drivers don’t pay heed to cyclists who can get injured due to their acts.

7.    Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers or  being high  are the most common cause of accidents.  Impaired drivers put themselves as well as everyone else on the road in danger.   Such  drivers cannot make smart decisions on the road and cause collisions that can involve pedestrians and cyclists.


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