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“Have a legal matter or case and still feeling anxious? Hire The Mines Law Firm and meet Attorney Jasmine – a lawyer in Los Angeles, the US,  for legal advice and reliable solution with 1 on 1 meeting.”

The Mines Law Firm works with a vision to provide legal advice and solutions to clients handling matters concerning legal matters with accountability and responsiveness. The firm focuses on and covers the legal aspects of the client’s business. So, it becomes easier for the clients to focus on their business matters rather than the legal matters because we care to take responsibility for fulfilling the client’s legal cases.

Recognizing this, Jasmine – An Attorney in Los Angeles, the US, proffers a broad range of quality services by offering a diverse approach to bring client satisfaction with a consistent and exceptional experience. We, as law attorneys, interact with the clients with 1 on 1 meetings to give clarity to the clients with strategic solutions.

A Little About Jasmine Mines

Jasmine Mines is a personal injury and criminal Defense attorney serving the Los Angeles area, the US, with her expertise in legal services. Jasmine has committed her career to helping people with legal solutions. About earlier life and being a California native, Jasmine Mines completed her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Southern California, the US, in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Furthermore, she completed her Master’s Degree in Public Health, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology at the University of Southern California. 

Exactly after years, Ms. Jasmine Mines realized she could better serve the public as an attorney in the public health industry. So, she enrolled in Law School in 2015 and graduated with her Juris Doctorate Degree in May 2020. On her first try, Jasmine passed the July 2020 California Bar Exam.

1 on 1 Meeting with Attorney Jasmine

Expertise Practice Area Dedicated To Clients

  • Personal Injury

  • Wrongful Death

  • Criminal Defense and more

Ms. Jasmine Mines has her passion in the law practice specialization such as personal injury and criminal defense and wrongful death cases. She has dedicated herself to providing dedicated solutions in personal injury cases. Usually, Personal injury cases often leave victims physically, emotionally, and financially hurt. Ms. Jasmine Mines has dedicated her life to fighting the clients’ medical and financial health. She has always ensured that personal injury victims receive the medical treatment and compensation they deserve.   

Apart from this, Ms. Jasmine Mines works with a vision that until the accused person is proven guilty, he must be considered innocent. So, considering this, a lawyer must protect the rights of the accused one. Thus, she firmly believes that everyone has the right to representation, and she is stepping up to represent clients for those in need of a criminal defense lawyer. Ms. Mines advocates for her clients and applies her passion and knowledge of the law to limit or eliminate jail time and fines whenever possible.   

Ms. Mines’ clients describe her as reliable, passionate, assertive, and intelligent. As a Black and Mexican Los Angeles native, Ms. Mines is dedicated to serving the diverse Los Angeles community with a commitment to diligence and ethical law practice. Ms. Mines is honored to be of service to you and looks forward to helping you live the life you deserve!

What does Jasmine Mines Consultation Include?

  • Research

  • Advice

  • Court Filing Fees

  • Phone Consultations

Call 888-700-0093 and ask to schedule a “1-on-1.” All topics are welcome. The rate is $500 for a 60-minute time slot, and there are no exceptions to this rate. All conversations are confidential.

Please feel free to Contact “The Mines Law Firm” today for more information and queries regarding legal consultation and Negotiations. Our legal team is here to assist you in providing justice to you and your loved ones. Discuss your legal rights with us. Call The Mines Law Firm today and get a free consultation when you need them the most. We offer you results that are often difficult to prove in court. Consult the best attorney and lawyer in Los Angeles, US, to get claims and negotiations with reliable solutions.

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