Personal Injury Attorney in Santa Monica, CA

The Mines Law Firm is here to serve you as your personal injury attorney in Santa Monica! If involved in a car accident, first we make sure that you are receiving proper medical care for your injuries. We work on resolving the damage to your car and obtaining payment for your vehicle or repairs. Being an auto injury attorney in Santa Monica, CA, we will make sure to help you obtain maximum compensation that is possible in your particular case. The Mines Law Firm can also handle cases for wrongful death and criminal defense. Call Us Today! 888-700-0093

Talented Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Monica, California

We are eager to help clients who have been arrested in Santa Monica, CA. The Mines Law Firm is ready to take on your case. If you were arrested or must appear in court, then we recommend you get in touch with us immediately. We help those who have been arrested or accused of crimes in Santa Monica, CA. Call us today for a consultation at 888-700-0093.

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