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Being a personal injury attorney in El Segundo, CA, Jasmine A. Mines has helped residents of El Segundo, CA. She has also helped clients overcome difficult situations ranging from criminal charges to civil disputes. If you’re looking for personal injury attorney in El Segundo, CA then get in touch with us. The Mines Law Firm will give the best efforts with your legal matter.

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The Mines Law Firm is a recommended criminal defense law office in El Segundo, CA. Have you ever been arrested in Los Angeles County? The Mines Law Firm has efficiency to work with you to protect your rights & Jasmine A. Mines fights for you in the courtroom with all of her energy. The Mines Law Firm aims to have your charges reduced as much as possible, if it is not possible to completely dismiss your case. To serve you with the best experience & for free consultation for criminal defense, call us today at 888-700-0093.

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