Why You Need a Proven Criminal Justice Attorney in Lennox, CA

Prosecutors are working on a case that will pin you to the wall; there needs to be someone well-versed with the law and available to stand with you against all of the legal injustices that may occur. The Mines Law Firm has a criminal defense attorney in Lennox, CA that will tell the D.A. or prosecutor your side of the story, and sometimes the criminal defense attorney in Lennox, CA can try to get your charges dropped before they are ever filed. No matter what type of criminal offense you are accused of, Jasmine A. Mines is a criminal defense lawyer in Lennox, CA who can give you legal advice and is looking forward to assisting you in Lennox, CA.

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With early intervention, The Mines Law Firm criminal defense lawyer in Lennox CA, Jasmine A. Mines can speak to the prosecutors to present the facts, and set the record straight. It is possible they can prevent criminal charges from ever being filed against you in some cases. Making the decision to hire The Mines Law Firm for a misdemeanor, felony, DUI, or other crime early on will give you the best chance for a reduction or dismissal of all charges if that happens to be possible in your particular case. Don’t go before the judge without a defense lawyer to protect you. Call us now at 888-700-0093!

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