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Did you recently get injured in the Altadena, CA,area? Have you ever been in a car/truck accident caused by someone else’s negligence 

When another party’s recklessness and negligence led to your injuries, you may find yourself paying for unexpected medical bills, missing months of work to recover, and coping with pain and suffering following your accident. This will be a big problem that will definitely affect many aspects of your life.

 If you are a victim of Personal Injury in Altadena CA, enlist the services of The Mines Law to help you claim the compensation you deserve  to help you recover from your injuries worry-free.


When it comes to a Personal Injury claim in Altadena, having an attorney on your side is a great asset. A lawyer can assist by representing your best interests and by helping you recover all possible damages. When you are in search of a Personal Injury lawyer in Altadena, CA, always look for someone with knowledge in all areas of the practice and compassionate about their craft and clients. To ensure that you can be accompanied to this journey in the most efficient manner, always choose The Mines Law Firm. Our clients rely on our expertise due to our successful practice while producing positive results and strong commitment to our clients.

  •         The Mines Law Firm operates in many areas of Los Angeles County for maximum convenience of all clients who are needing our help Attorney Jasmine Mines has the attitude & gratitude towards securing settlements for our clients. She firmly believes that her craft should always center to the needs of her client in order to surpass the ordeals of Personal Injury. 

Attorney Jasmine Mines is completely client-focused and passion-driven to cater your needs and concerns.She ensures that open and honest communication between her and her clients is always present  starting from consultationsession until thesettlement process.


If you suffer injuries from an accident that was not your fault, you can experience many types of unintended damages. By filing a Personal Injury lawsuit or insurance claim, you may receive compensation for these injuries – but filing these claims without an attorney can make the process harder and more difficult to achieve a settlement.

*Your Personal Injury Attorney in Altadena, CA can negotiate with insurance companies who may attempt to offer you a lower settlement than you truly deserve. Your attorney can evaluate the offer and negotiate for a higher one if needed. This is an important process for you to get the settlement that you are entitled to. 

*Your attorney will have access to numerous resources to investigate your injury. These include having medical experts as witnesses  and giving their testimony as needed, interviewing people for you to gather the right information that will help your case and providing you with a great deal because of the attorney’s negotiation skills and more. 

*Your attorney will know how to navigate court processes so that you do not have to worry about it. Aloso, it will allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries instead of paperworks

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney


When you choose The Mines Law Firm to represent your Personal Injury case, you will be hiring an attorney with expertise in your case area. The Mines Law Firm has a wide-array  of experiences working in multiple areas of Personal Injury Law, including the following case types:

  •         Auto accidents
  •         Medical malpractice
  •         Defective and dangerous products
  •         Social security disability
  •         Workers’ compensation
  •         Estate planning
  •         Bicycle accidents
  •         Employment claims
  •         Birth injuries
  •         Nursing home abuse
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    Injuries are never a planned occurrence. They leave people with large bills, loss of income, and a challenging living situation. At The Mines Law Firm, we understand the sudden, severe impact an unexpected accident can have on your life, and we want to help. You are not alone in getting through the stress and hardship. We can help you surpass the aftermath of an accident as we lend you not only legal assistance but also with emotional support while securing the compensation you need to make your full recovery as stress-free as possible

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