Misdemeanors are crimes where you may be fined up to $1000 and sentenced to jail for six months to 364 days.

There are a few types of misdemeanors that include vehicle violations. The misdemeanors are driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, driving on a suspended license (Vehicle Code 1460 C), over speeding, or hit and run.

Examples of non-vehicle misdemeanors include petty theft (Penal Code 184), domestic violence, or vandalism.

Beware! If you have an inexperienced criminal defense attorney, some misdemeanors can get charged as wobbler offenses. For instance, littering or shoplifting (Penal Code 495 C).

On the other hand, if you choose to go with an experienced criminal lawyer to defend your misdemeanors, your aggravated misdemeanors may also be considered standard misdemeanors that may save you from going to jail or paying a fine of $1000.

Criminal Defense Attorney/Lawyer for Defending Misdemeanors

Everyone needs a sharp-minded and witty Los Angeles Defense lawyer who can defend their clients in all misdemeanors.

Jasmine solely represents the Mines Law Firm. She proudly represents the individuals, not large corporations, or insurance companies. Her mission is to maintain the integrity of the criminal justice system. She fully upholds the constitution that gives every individual the right to defend themselves. The Mines Law Firm will help you in your case. With the help of a knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney, she will fight for you. The Mines Law Firm proudly defends your misdemeanors against all the odds and attempts to make you win during the whole judicial process.

The Judicial Process after a Misdemeanors Arrest


You may get arrested when the law enforcement representatives think that you may have committed a misdemeanor.


Arraignment is the first court hearing where you may plead guilty or not guilty. If you think that you have committed a commendable misdemeanor, you may negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution to get a lesser sentence.

Bail Hearing

If you plead guilty, the next step is to try and get bail. It isn’t always guaranteed but it is the best chance at avoiding custody while awaiting trial.

Pretrial Phase

The pretrial phase is the most important one in any criminal proceeding. By hiring a sharp-minded criminal defense attorney, they may show that you are not guilty during court. They will have in-depth knowledge about the California criminal justice system. They will also be able to outplay the findings of the prosecution. If the prosecution has strong evidence against your misdemeanors, any criminal defense attorney will try to seek plea bargains before a jury or bench trial.

Jury Trial

In California criminal cases, a team of 12 members decides if the accused is guilty or not. They all must agree upon guilt before the defendant can be convicted.

Jasmine from the Mines Law Firm tries to win your criminal case against the prosecution during the arraignment, getting the bail and proving you innocent or negotiating the plea bargain during the pretrial phase. If you have any further queries regarding your misdemeanors, don’t feel shame to contact me and have a free consultation. Get into our head office or submit your contact details now.