November 20, 2023 In Consultancy, Criminal Defense

Understanding the Process of Ending a Restraining Order Early in California

Navigating the complexities of a restraining order can be challenging, especially if circumstances change. If you’ve obtained a restraining order against your ex but now wish to terminate it before its expiry, here’s a guide…

October 17, 2023 In Consultancy, Criminal Defense

Recording Conversations in California: What You Need to Know

In California, the law surrounding the recording of conversations is clear-cut but essential to understand fully. Here’s an overview with specific examples: Consent Requirement California is a “two-party consent” state. This means that recording any…

October 9, 2023 In Consultancy, Criminal Defense

Preparing for Your Deposition: Key Guidelines in California

Facing a deposition can be a pivotal moment in any legal proceeding. Proper preparation is paramount. Here’s a guide to understanding and getting ready for your deposition: 1. Understand the Process A deposition involves answering…

October 30, 2022 In Consultancy, Criminal Defense

Not Guilty or No Contest: What are the Types of Pleas in a Criminal Case?

In a criminal case, the defendant may enter one of three types of pleas: Not guilty, no contest, or guilty. Each plea has different consequences. It’s essential to understand the differences before deciding. Jasmine Mines…